My Entrepreneurship

The journey of my entrepreneurship (VIVURA VENTURES) started September 2004 in Pune, India and I have come through with lots of ups and downs in its form, aims, achievements, partners, customers, staffs, promotion and the support from all corners I received. Even though we entire team silently celebrated our 10yrs in entrepreneurship on 10th Sep 2014. Today our starting enterprise VIVURA VENTURES merged with new identity ‘healthcare nt sickcare‘.

The foundation of this journey started long back in 1998 at Solapur when a small town youngster starter dreaming to become an entrepreneur and named ‘vismithams‘ to his dream. I am so much thankful to my Achan, Amma and my wonderful sister Vineetha to stood for my dreams and silently agreed to my all nasty wishes. In those days I realised for being successful in entrepreneurship, not only my dreams but how I am going to shape it, is more important. Right education is the right path toward to become a successful person and entrepreneur.

I started to be selective in my academic and technical education. I have completed my additional educational diplomas in export management, secretarial practice and computer education at NIIT. It was a hard decision to opt out my choices of post-graduation degrees MBA, MSW and chose postgraduate diploma in business management from reputed Bharati Vidyapeeth. The dream started to flow.

My entrepreneurship

It took 5 years for VIVURA VENTURES to establish and to serve as a healthcare provider focusing on preventive health packages instead of projecting as a pathological laboratory. In August 2007, we have named our healthcare service brand ‘healthcare nt sickcare‘ and in November 2009 we have started ours in house medical laboratory practice.

Our team were supercharged and optimist to serve under the brand healthcare nt sickcare. Initially, it becomes difficult for us to explain, what we meant by the name ‘healthcare nt sickcare‘, but slowly our brand becomes self-explanatory to everyone.

On 25th Dec 2011, we have rolled and introduced our first affordable preventive health package HAP67. it becomes our another milestone. Since then our enterprise establishing and gaining the reputation as most trusted and rightly placed affordable healthcare provider in Pune.

Today ‘healthcare nt sickcare’ has its own processing ,testing and reporting medical laboratory with a focus on affordable preventive health packages.
In the mid of 2012, we went online and integrated our business process management. We have worked closely with young entrepreneurs who made their startup with us in research and development of cloud-based laboratory management system Since then we are working hard to transform healthcare nt sickcare, a fully digital model enterprise to promote and serve health and wellness. The journey is on…

  • 1st January 2013, digitalized and integrated cloud-based test reporting and patient management system.
  • 1st April 2017, Our newly designed e-commerce website launched.
  • Our Android Mobile Application ‘Pranaya‘ launched on 24th May 2017.
  • On 20 August 2018, rolled out our wellness and well-being article website (
  • 1st January 2019, our web-store ( for health checkup packages launched.

Pranaya, our new brand, as the word suggests it means. ‘Pranayama’ – a specific way or practice to inhale oxygen so that it will give positive changes in mind and body. We like to promote both pranaya & healthcare nt sickcare to offer best of the class preventive and self-care system so that the core objective of service to the society should be met along with the growth of the business enterprise.
The hidden fact – We haven’t chosen the name Pranaya, but to re-established our 1st commercial website of VIVURA VENTURES ( & .in).

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I am thankful, to everyone from parents to friends, my staff to clients and most importantly my family for all the support and trust laid upon me and on my dream.
All the dream have a good beginning – it was you who made me to begin, the silent S of my life.
My journey has no end, its go on and on…

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