Why do I Earn more Enemies than a Friend?

I earned more dislikes and enemies than friends. Sometimes I feel sad why some people (more of them are close ones) distance me. And most of the time I neglected that and felt I was more than what they looked at me. 

But eventually, this become my point of thought aforetime. There are many common or unique explanations on the internet about why some earn more enemies than friends, but I have my experience to explain this.

I earned more enemies than friends

  • Am I am doing something very great in my life?
  • Am I doing something very much unacceptable? 

Many of such questions can be asked when you try to find the answer to why one earns more enemies than friends. I have enough of such and various such questions. I didn’t find any specific answer. 

The simplest solution I found is ‘invest in yourself. The more you invest in yourself, the more unique you would be. Never neglect or never hate, never harm and, importantly, never argue with your dislikes or enemies. If you find someone who hates or dislikes you, then try to smile at them and move on to invest more in yourself. 

The more you invest in yourself, the more unique you would be

Believe, you can offer the largest as you can. Even more than the society surrounding you may need. Respect the opinions of others on you, accept them, and move on. There is no solution to any arguments because there is no absolute right or wrong. Do not work to please others and never work to harm your enemies. Work to build the uniqueness you are, you were, and you become. 

I am the result of my mistakes

From my younger age or adulthood, I tried, I worked and was ambitious to please the one, the vismithams. My goal had become to please vismithams. But eventually one day I failed. There is no ‘because’ for my failure. Today I believe I am the result of my mistakes. 

Enjoy your own togetherness

Never joy of your wins and never regret your failures. Work on yourself and enjoy your togetherness with yourself. Society never becomes how you like and so do the surrounding people. You should have become how you like to be. Your biggest friend and the enemy is your soul. Invest in yourself and enjoy your own togetherness. 

I am introverted, yes; I am.

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