Founder and Promoter at healthcare nt sickcare

Who I Am, Stands on Two Words;

I am Vivek Narayanankutty Nair, an entrepreneur, wellness proponent, healthcare bloggerdigital technology fervent and social wellbeing evolver.

Who? My Finding is still on. I believe I am a successor of my legacy and I am living to transform it to the next level. I am living the remaining half of my all successors.


I am an active blogger on health, healthcare and medical since Aug 2018 on my health startup healthcare nt sickcare


healthcare nt sickcare, where I am investing in health, my time and all my energies.

Promoting an Ecommerce business

healthcare nt sickcare, an online medical laboratory test booking website serving since 2007 in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad.

Who I Am

All my life, I had the sensation I was meant for something. Not something exceptional or great. Just something different. I never really settled down at doing one job for a very long time and some may consider this as inconsistency. I consider this as an experience.

I tried my hand at various things, some of them I did out of necessity, some others out of a passion that quickly burnt away. Some others I wish I could go back doing, but my physical issues weigh on my possibilities.

So I write. I write about it all.

My Wish

I always hoped to help people, so at one point, I was asking myself; how can I help people? Who am I to the world? Who am I to the readers of my words? So I am a fervent and social wellbeing evolver.

I am Keep listening

I still keep asking myself this question. The joy that keeps me going is what I see people enjoy when they read my words. I guess the answer is showing up day by day. Consistency is the key to the answer.

Many obstacles are thrown my way in the last few years, obstacles aimed to prevent me from being consistent, but the fight goes on. It is harder and harder, but it goes on.

I am loving my work

Writing works the same way of loving my work. Of course, I want to make a living out of it, but love is the engine of it all. Love is the reason for me to love my works and love my writings.

Thank you for reading and engaging in return!