The World of Jesters and Clowns

In a world of jesters and clowns,
Where reality is upside down,
I feel lost and out of place,
Trapped in this bizarre and fake race.

They demand conformity and compliance,
But I refuse to bow to their reliance,
Their norms and values are so hollow,
Leaving me feeling empty and shallow.

I’ll save myself from this joker’s game,
Refuse to let them define my name,
I’ll chart my own path, find my own way,
In this crazy world, I’ll make my stay.

I’ll break free from their chains of deception,
Embrace my true self, no need for acceptance,
I’ll create my own reality, my own truth,
Find joy and meaning, in my own youth.

So let them juggle their illusions,
I’ll choose to live in my own conclusions,
I’ll be my own hero, my own guide,
And in my own strength, I’ll take pride.

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