The World Of Conveniences

The World Of Conveniences – The world has become an array of conveniences and all runs behind creating their own areas of conveniences. I honestly think that convenience is so disabling to the modern world. Today I see in all modes of life people furious to find own convenience, even in communication people easily finding their convenience, like people only communicate if it’s beneficial and fetch some benefits for them. Many times I felt people’s compassion has also become an act of convenience.

Whom to blame? Technology and speed made lots of impact of this change. Everyone wants things to happen as soon as possible without really trying to view the mechanics of the process to make it happen. Comparing the generations before us who had to learn how to properly crop in order to survive and patiently waited for the corp to yield the result. In the modern world in which I am living, we are missing out on the process of properly getting something done because of this preset mind of own conveniences. The quality of ourselves and our minds start to decline the more we focus on conveniences.

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The World Of Conveniences

I frequently use to read or listened to the word ‘dumped’, and in my personal life, I also felt dumped. What a bad word is this !. My thoughts transforms me, giving a thought on this, I have realised that if I feel dumped then I am the sole responsible, none other than me. I have started to blame my self for every negative happening in my life (through my ability to read and my own sensibility), and accepted the reality of ‘the world of conveniences’.

Today, While I am making up my mind – in the family, personal relationships and society where I am living, people have a choice and have no time for others. In a simple line, ‘You are happy as long as you live‘. So I decided to stay the way I am and stay living. No feeling of dump and not to create the areas of my own conveniences. Be in real, realistic and self-blamed for better transformation. I transform my thoughts each day so that I will be real, being Vivek.

We Live In A World Of Convenience

Live With Patience, Live Not With Conveniences.
Live In Realistic, Live In Transformation.
Accept With Your Own Sensibility, Practice Self Blaming.

The Change In Your World, Is The Change In Outer World.

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