The Real Inspiration to Me

My Achan was full of his life and lived to the fullest. But in his last days, he wanted to be and live with me. His son is the person he dreamt about. In his last days, he only had faith and trust in his son. He kept only his socialist ideology, besides the faith he has for his son. I have clearly seen he left his beliefs on God or relatives and relationships.
His last words to me were,

the only thing that makes you great is how you involve yourself in society, not your education nor your wealth

KN Narayanankutty

Real inspiration to me…

I am an entrepreneur, but I also like to write more personal pieces. I put my heart and soul into my work and I want it to be read. The thing is, when you write about yourself, it’s hard to find inspiration sometimes.

The best thing for me is when someone else inspires me with their words or their actions. When I read about someone who has gone through something similar or who has accomplished something great, it inspires me to keep going.

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