I am an Introvert and Feeling Good to Be the One

I Am An Introvert

I am an introvert and feeling no shy to address myself as introvert person. Introvert is commonly believed to be an negative character. But is it really? No, absolutely not. The meaning of INTROVERT is a person whose personality is characterized by introversion, typically reserved or quiet person who tends to be introspective and enjoys …

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Vivek’s Personality Poster

Viveks Personality Poster

Vivek’s Personality Poster Vivek Narayanankutty tends to be stoic and methodical about decisions, but is willing to take a risk if it is backed up by enough logic. Vivek Narayanankutty most likely has a reserved and unemotional demeanor. He is often focused on getting things done quickly, effectively, and without distraction or interruption. He may …

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