My Imaginations

Our minds always come back around to what we already know and had. But It’s in our nature to compare new experiences to ones we’ve already had, without that comparison we cannot begin to understand new ideas. Here my life example  At a young age (17-24), I tried to imagine (or dream) a girl who… Read More My Imaginations

Being A Gentleman

Invest in yourself

Invest in your time – invest in yourself, your tomorrow and your acclamation depends on it. Self Investment – When I was in my 19s, I decided to change or transform everything which I was currently doing, to ‘education’. Education was my acclimation. Again years after at the age of 26, a one-day decision to… Read More Invest in yourself


The World Of Conveniences

The World Of Conveniences – The world has become an array of conveniences and all runs behind creating their own areas of conveniences. I honestly think that convenience is so disabling to the modern world. Today I see in all modes of life people furious to find own convenience, even in communication people easily finding… Read More The World Of Conveniences