Some Relationships Are Most Valuable

Some Relationships – In a world full of busyness, one that hides us with deadlines, corporate politics, competition, difficult career decisions, managing family balance, playing society roles, managing work-life balance, and navigating personal growth, it is easy to feel like we’re not getting anywhere. I’ve learned that no matter how much I shift my priorities around, life remains busy and, most of the time, feels unmanageable.

Day to day, we aspire to be influential, successful, to mean something; there are so many other facets of life that grab at us on the inside. However, at the end of the day, there is really one important thing that remains to be at the core of success is building solid relationships with oneself and with few others.

Why some relationships are most valuable?

Often, relationships get put on the back-burner, mostly due to “not enough time to build them.” or taking them granted as they will remain the same with us. Investing in us and in people takes time, but it’s the most fulfilling and rewarding part of ensuring success, especially in a culture today that is rapidly shifting away from human interaction and moving mostly toward virtual interaction.

The importance of building strong personal relationships applies to all areas of life, both personal, social, family and professional places. There is only so much time in a day and, as the years’ pass, the days seem to get shorter and shorter, and life gets busier and busier. In past, I focused on the importance of relationship-building in our professional lives, as it can be a big element in determining how successful we become but lately I understood that, building relationship with self foremost important than anything.

What relationships are most important to you?

What does “building a relationship” mean to you? Do you text or chat with someone once or twice, but don’t call them? Or do you call, but if you don’t hear back from them, not call again? When you meet with someone, do you do most of the talking or do you do any listening?

Do you ignore incoming calls from friends or dearness? When you talk to people, do you ask how they’re doing, and then take time to dig deeper into areas of their lives to learn more about them? When you get asked how you’re doing, do you just answer with the typical, “I’m good” or do you give them an honest answer and open yourself up for deeper conversation?

We can be so focused on what needs to get done or what we have going on in our own lives that we miss the opportunities in front of us to invest in someone else and build a relationship. Don’t we?

Building relationships are more important than being right

“People don’t care what you know until they know that you care.” This is particularly true in our personal and family life. Whatever life roles you are in, if you don’t take time to build relationships by investing in others’ lives, you won’t be successful either personal, social or professional. This is true in your professional organizations that depend on team collaboration for the growth.

If in organizations you are not taking time to build solid relationships within your teams or investing time with colleagues, they won’t keep you or, if they do, they will not be well built with you.

“No matter what, all people are relational leaders, even if you’re not a positional leader.”

Relationships tap into the heart of our social being and deepest motivation in life’s purposes. Cultivating great relationships with yourself is also a pre-cursor to building great relationships with others.

Some relationships are more important than money

Of course, I’m not advocating that money isn’t important at all. Obviously, I think money is extremely important and needs to be at the forefront of planning and decision-making. However, after your financial systems are in place to meet your goals, money just becomes a tool to live a less stressful and more satisfying life.

You can only do 3 things with money – earn it, spend it, and give it. I guess that is a true statement.

Some Relationships Are Most Valuable

Yes, there are some relationships in your life which are much valuable than the relationship with oneself. That may be a play with your inner voice or with some living being (human or animal), but without that, you are not complete till your last breath. You always communicate with that one in each of your in/out a breath and that gives you much more satisfying days and nights of your life.

When you lose that particular or precious relationship, simply you lost yourself. In the busyness of your life, you can keep you moving, in all your family, social and professional life, but how you can define your life after that lost? without your sole or shadow which always uses to accompanying you? Yes, there is one or two relationships of your life which are most valuable than any life given and family forced relationships, the one which you, yourself cultivated and designed.

Be the good with you and with that one precious relation… after-all life is about to end at any time. Read my last episode Never Sell Your Emotions