Never Sell Your Emotions

Never Sell Your Emotions, Its Has No Values

We have to have something/someone touches our heart, in order to stir up our sentiments to even have the mentally thoughtful view that we have or create one. Isn’t it? Let us find out why I say, ‘never sell your emotions’

The unsettling part in the statement is that emotions are now seen and considered as a commodity which an individual seem to be advertising when he/she is being expressive, but not as a state of intensity, ecstasy or euphoria. And surprisingly those who are supposed to reciprocate or share the state are seen as the markets.

Look at us, every day we are teaching ourselves to clog our emotions. We have become too terrified to expose our true self that someone will know who we really are behind the veil. Some people may laugh on us; may see this as our vulnerability, parlay our ‘goodness’ for their personal objective achievement and abandon us once accomplished with it. This fear leads us to forcefully condition ourselves to heed only to our brain’s intellect and act according to its reasoning.

We either end up being absolutely swayed by the heart or be tremendously driven by the mind presumably suppressing the heart which is not possible. We need to understand that emotion is the fuel of the heart. The feeling is the consciousness behind our thoughts. Thoughts flow in our mind but the source is always the heart.

Neural Intelligence

A recent study has proved that a human heart has a brain of its own and is called neural intelligence. The energy signals that flow from the heart to the brain is called ‘coherence’ which is entirely and solely dependent on how we feel.

The fact is, Attitude is a derivative of emotions; rather it is the barbed wire fence to an individuals’ inner self. What one is within will be seen in their attitude. An individual who is at peace within his heart will carry calm, confident, composed and a friendly attitude. The individual has already surrendered to the heart, there is nothing to lose hence constructs no walls for defence. Rather is always welcoming to everyone. If an individual is experiencing fear, anxiety will be extremely defensive to the entire surrounding.

Therefore the key to serenity is to treat the brain and the heart as two separate entities but not to forget that the heart and it’s the marvellous capacity to feel, process the feelings and transmit it to the brain is the quintessence of one’s temperament and attitude. Inevitably, one will end up showing what is hidden beneath the shroud!

There Is No Market For Your Emotions

It is hence important to: “focus on emotions, make yourself (or people) feel something. Only then goodness is possible”!

Let us look at it the other way, we all know that science has developed to such an extent that a heart transplant is now possible. So it once happened that someone had to have his heart transplant done as his heart had become defective & the doctors had advised him to do so at the earliest for him to survive. He went to a heart bank and asked to be shown some hearts.

There were many kinds of hearts: one belonged to a labourer, another to a farmer, yet another to a mathematician, and there was one of a politician. The last one was the most expensive. “Why?” he asked. The heart bank salesman replied, “It is brand new. It has never been used.”
The salesman judged that he could not afford as much, so the salesman took out yet another heart and said, “This is the cheapest I have. You see it is a secondhand heart and quite worn out. It belongs to a poet who has used it to the maximum.”

Never Advertise Your Feelings

So, I’d rather have a secondhand heart, exploited, expendable, always at disposal for someone’s good. There is altogether an overwhelming joy in being contributory to ‘my’ dear one’s well-being; of course without getting into or trying to know whether I am dear to them or not.

What about you? Do you find your market for emotions? Do you able to sell your emotions?

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