My misgivings

My misgivings – my successes is not a destination, it’s a journey

To achieve one’s goals, despite their own misgivings, is the biggest joy that is there in life. And, I have been lucky enough to experience it in all its glory in this life. Success is not a destination, it’s a journey. It is not about my successes read by others but for me. I read it every time, I enjoyed and I prepare myself for next destination. There are misgivings, in the early ages of my life but as the destinations progress, my misgivings also getting fade.

My Misgivings

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I was on the last day of my schooling at Bharati Vidyapeeth Solapur (June 2000) and the same day I was booked my train ticket to Ankleshwar to seek career opportunity. It was our Viva day, we all are about to submit our project work. When my turn came, I did well in Viva but my project work was returned for correction (I dint added a pie chart in it).

All were surprised by this incident but I was stick with my decision to board the train at 9 pm. My friends took me to the teacher’s chamber where our class lecturer was present and informed about this. He went to Viva supervisor to request him to accept the project looking to my overall performance at studies. Fortunately after 1-2hours of waiting, my project work were accepted in a condition that I won’t get the desired marks. I was not surprised but my friends were happy and I boarded the train on the same day to Ankleshwar, Gujarat. My next destination started from there.

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My next destination was to get a job and I have got my 1st job (after spending 21days for job seeking) at a 3 start hotel as front desk attendant in Aug 2000 and I worked there for a few hours only, my second job placement was at a rubber factory for a week time and my 1st assignment was to count a currency bundle of rupees ten thousand.

I was enjoyed this because it was the first time I have seen this much of money and counted it repeatedly to achieve the desired number. Meanwhile I lost a good job opportunity in bigger chemical manufacturer at Ankleshwar due to my asthma and finally, I got a job on leave vacancy for 3 months in a chemical manufacturer. It was not good days at that factory because I was young and fearful.

I received lots of criticism due to my instabilities in job roles and as the usual full bunch of advice. But I learned to be silent, accepting the criticism, adapt for changes and keep my scorpion instinct. All those 3 short time job roles I got on my uncle’s reference until I got a job in a medical publishing company in my own ability and appraisal. The journey of self-appraisal started from there while giving thanks to my uncle and my cousin brother for their kind support.

The misgiving story moved me and inspired me to take on the challenge and prove my mettle to the world. There was a promise that I made to myself, ‘never settle unless I reach to the destination. Never hesitate to speak your heart and act what you speak because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.’

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