My Dedication

My journey is dedicated to my parents.

  • Late KN Narayanankutty Nair And Mrs Ratnamala Valiyaveetil, who made me put the scorpion in and believed in me, more than anything in their life. My Achan, my Hero and the role model. He taught me to be in real and realistic in every life situation. 
  • My Amma, for her I am one and I am the all. She still inspires me to stand and walk alone with pride.
  • The vismithams, for showing my dream and silently sacrificed and prayed for me, throughout.

I am dedicated to my passion

  • healthcare nt sickcare
  • My Family theBliss–for me, theBliss is everyone and everything.
  • Everyone in my life, passed away, walked through and still holding my breath. 
  • My butterflies, Keerthana, Nirvi and Nia.