Life Is Full Of Choices

Life Is Full Of Choices

Life Is Full Of Choices And Perfection is a rare phenomenon. What man has to look out and realize where all life needs corrections. More he makes corrections life would be more colorful, beautiful, and successful. Corrections are one which can take one nearer, nearer to perfection. One won’t reach the goal at a time. Correction after correction only, one often reaches the goal. It often raises one’s status. It always indicates a right and a high level of thinking. 

Life Is Full Of Corrections

What all changes, the correction could bring? By way of fashion and behavior, how many corrections individuals undergo upon themselves. Today’s man is produced by the correction of countless yesterdays. He is not a bolt from the blues at all. Corrections do wonders. The correction could be a magic wand. It is it that fetches one feeling all is well, pride, contentment, and sound sleep. It isn’t to please anybody else than to please yourself. One that is despised is often liked after corrections. The corrections make a life a beautiful garden without weeds.

One Nears Perfection Only After Many Corrections

A picture or art would be complete or perfect usually only after a number of corrections. Only after reshaping, a stone becomes a jewel. After an incident in life, after several corrections only true picture often emerges. Nothing is a better tool than the experience, to set a line straight. Correcting ourselves isn’t a worthless job at all. It’s a useful and absolutely necessary step in our life. A correction may seem difficult, but if tried, any correction can be brought about freshness. Life provides often ample opportunities to correct ourselves. One nears perfection only after many corrections. Corrections bring one honor. It is not a humiliation at all. Correction and change are synonymous. 

Students, In exams, only if corrections of answer papers are right and accurate, true talents come to light. It is in re-correction that often failed students pass an examination too. Ask this to your teacher. 

A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

Corrections also come with criticism. Never be deterred if you are convinced carry on them till the end. To err is human. It is not only a man who needs correction, everywhere it is essential, else the world won’t have developed this much. Correction is a symbol of development. It doesn’t take place in a man without reasons or thinking at all.

It is always positive thinking. It is often for self-improvement. It must be for one to be better than what they were. It by and large does one good only. It is an attitude that all wouldn’t have. Correction may be once or more, how many times it would be needed, it couldn’t be said at all. It can be made at any time, but better to remember saying “A stitch in time saves nine”. 

Life Begins With Corrections

What we see, listen, and understand rarely remain uncharged, they undergo correction after correction. The first and last impression is seldom the same. There’s no end to corrections. Experiments are also not often at a time successful. Correction after correction only they are usually successful.

Life begins with corrections. They are pursued throughout and won’t end, even though the curtain falls. 

It is not merely stock market corrections that bring up and downs. Life corrections also bring up and downs. They make a man blink. Correcting is always more difficult than committing If a word is spoken it’s over if a pearl is broken it’s over. All aren’t ‘subject to corrections or susceptible to corrections at all.

Why Corrections Are Essential?

Corrections are often needed to give a fresh outlook. Inquisitiveness what correct makes one only tread the right path. Corrections depend upon an individual’s mindset, circumstances, and other factors. Correction brought about voluntarily is always better than that brought upon by force and punishment.

It’s rightly said by Alfred Tennyson “The old order changeth, yielding place to new” Time to time corrections is quite essential in life. Correction is part parcel of life. One has to realize and implement them. Some corrections that one makes are visible and some corrections they only know. 

Life Is An Education

Life is an education that is quite different, everyone needs not merely academic education, but also everyone needs education in many other aspects that only life can impart. Life is not ready-made, it is full of corrections. It is not mere mistakes only, every lesson, from birth to death is an opportunity provided to everyone for the correction.

Correction isn’t perfection. It’s a road to perfection. Judgment should be always right and correction too should be always right. Correction isn’t mere setting right a fault, it is for enhancing efficiency also.

In some instances, correction instead of bringing improvement worsens the matter. Often, suggestions for corrections pour in from many quarters. Correction is a decision that has to be always taken only after much thought. Think twice before doing anything and in correction, it’s still more. Correction must improve and not worsen the situation. Correction cannot be according to one’s whims and fancies. It must be when it should be and how it should be.

Correction Is a Gem Of Qualities

Correction is always left to the individual. It depends upon the nature of individuality. Adamant don’t undergo it. It’s flexible and realistic only often undergo. What’s good, what’s not good that always an individual has to think and decide. There’s no limit to the correction being carried out. It could be carried out as long as it’s necessary.

It must not be only for correction’s sake. It anywhere must add to value and must never lessen the value. Life often turns out to be beautiful with corrections. It is a vision that brings about great corrections. One who corrects themselves can adjust to any circumstances. Correction is a gem of qualities.

There are occasions in life when corrections take place without our doing anything also. Life is wonderful. In Bhagavad Gita, Sri Krishna says to Arjuna “Whenever there is a need for correction in the universe, He takes birth.” Do not miss it at any time. On many occasions, corrections aren’t’ possible at all also. 

There Is A Necessity Behind Every Correction

What all we know aren’t right, many of them need correction. Knowledge can be infrequently complete. The world has been developing, man’s knowledge has also been expanding, but corrections won’t exhaust. They take place along with the stride.

It is not usually dull people who make more corrections. It is wise people who make more corrections. Man becomes wiser with corrections. Correction is a way of reforming. Even a thief too would be given a chance to reform in society. It is rightly said ” Necessity is the mother of invention. There is a necessity behind every correction.

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