It’s Okay to be Boring

It’s Okay to be Boring, Really! Let’s walk through my experience and thoughts. 

Since birth and my entire childhood were pleasant with lots of love and care from family and friends. I was called to be a naughty and smart boy with curly hair, charming smile, slim and good height. I never thought of boring and never find life and living is boring. I was happy with others even though many were not happy with me and my attitude. When a few bunches of friends kept the distance from me, I treated them with a careless and neglectful attitude. 

A handful of times throughout my adult life especially after 25 till 35, I have been accused of being boring and not the one to be friendly with. There are many strings attached to that impression I was created with my uncaring attitude towards others. If being boring means… .taking life as it comes, take responsibility and be committed towards it. Being aggressive towards everything. Then yes, I was boring.

Boring is a negative word!

Initially, such statements stung because I, like so many others, have been conditioned to believe that “boring” was negative and something to aspire not to be. But then, after so many boring days, I have come to own my boringness. If being boring means . . .

. . . being seen as a leader, instead of a follower, then at least I know I’m living my life and not somebody else’s. So believe me, it’s okay to be boring and be happy with your boring life

It’s Okay to be Boring

Yes, I wholeheartedly accept the label of boring. Each year my life reaches a high that I had not seen before. And while there are many moments throughout the duration when I have stumbled, made mistakes or had to reassess how I approached something, I have come to realize that I am content with my life. And while some (who either don’t know me or refuse to accept and understand who I am) may see my life as boring, I find it quite exhilarating, and those who genuinely love and respect me don’t feel the need to pull me down with such petty remarks.

While at this point in my life it is time to put my nose to the grindstone and work without looking at the clock, I am confident that in doing so I will have time to let go a bit later in my life. But what I am doing now, I quite enjoy. In fact, I thoroughly enjoy feeling productive at the end of the day – exhausted, but productive. I have come to learn from observing others’ mistakes and successes, that success doesn’t just land in our laps. We must go out and work for it. And yes, we will have to make sacrifices in many ways.

Right now I am putting in my time, trying to learn from every mistake and constantly seeking answers to questions I didn’t even know existed five years ago.

Our living culture seems intensely focused on passion and dreams. The most popular shows are all about people competing for the chance to live their dreams. So if labeling me as “boring” makes other people feel better about themselves, I’m fine with that. In fact, I couldn’t be more thrilled to be called boring. The thing that stands out to me is the facial reactions of the people when they calls or finds me boring.

If you can find being boring can makes you happy and can able to give you more time for yourself, then it much great to be boring in the eyes of others. 

Live the boring life and explore the opportunities. Love to be solitude.