I want to write my love letter once again

Once again, I want to write out my love in lines and let her know my mind and feelings in writing. I want to write my love letter once again.

The first and last love letter of my life was written in 1997 in an old inland-letter and posted by domestic India post. I do not remember what the teenager in me wrote about in it, but I might hide out all my feelings for my love in it. My anger, my resentment, my hopes, my inadequacies, my selfishness, my defeat, along with a little innocence, would have been clear in it.

I’m not even sure if my girlfriend read those lines of me that day, or will she ever remember one later? But I want to write something like that once again. I, too, a victim of the digital world, have forgotten to write with a pen or pencil and once again want to take a pen and white-paper and write.

I want to remind myself once again, to this world that forgets writing and has no time, that I’m still that old 17-year-old. I want to write something to convince myself once again that my love makes me who I am today and forever.

I want to write one again …

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