I never had big dreams and ambitions

I never had big dreams and ambitions for my personal life and even not for my business. But I always used to develop or create strategies for my life, behaviour, social and family interactions, and everything I plan to do in my day-to-day life. That habit continues for my business journey. 

I always used to set my limitations and boundaries, which stretches from relationships to earning wealth or money. 

I respect oppositions

Many of you may see this as negative and much have opposite views, and I welcome it. I always used to welcome other’s view on my strategies and I used to listen the criticisms on me. Many of such opposite views helped me to rethink and subsequently strengthen with new strategies. 

Even today 98% people I meet criticise and oppose me and my way of life. Many, including my closest family members, believes that I am a failed person in life and business. In earlier, very few of them advise me especially about my business. But most of the people in my life know me well about my aggression and never ever tried to face that. But I always given space for those who have values in their acts and life to critics me, object me and even advise me. I didn’t find many such persons in our society. 

I never had big dreams and ambitions

I never had big dreams and ambitions. This may be because I was grown up in a small remote village from Valluvanad in Kerala, where my ancestral family mostly are in to farming and land cultivations. Lately, many from younger generation given their life to government jobs or permanent salaried jobs. I admire from all those for their open thoughts and modern thoughts and developments and I believe I am lucky to be born into that family. 

None of my family members shown interest in business or self employment besides farming. I had no one to mentor or role model from whom I can learn about business process and establishment. Even I was in hesitation to share my dreams and ambitions towards startups. This made me to look towards my business Gurus

I am failed person

As I mentioned earlier, many believes I am a failed person. Yes, I am a failure; I accept that from everyone. But one big thing. Even they can mark me failure, they can not able to win or attack on my self-confidence. I love myself and I believe that strengthens my past to a much stronger future. 

I believe in co-existence. Growth and stability are things I believe in. I believe in consistency and trustworthiness. I am Vivek and I love myself more and I have strategies to doing so.

My Achan (father), He wanted me to be a good person and not a big person. My love wanted me to become a nice person, not a successful person. My Swizee (my pet) wanted to love and live with me, not to gain or earn from me.

And I wanted to be one of their wishes. No big ambitions, no big dreams. Investing in me and invest in healthcare.

Read my another blah-blah, why should I prove myself?

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