I am an Introvert and Feeling Good to Be the One

I am an introvert and feeling no shy to address myself as introvert person. Introvert is commonly believed to be an negative character. But is it really? No, absolutely not.

The meaning of INTROVERT is a person whose personality is characterized by introversion, typically reserved or quiet person who tends to be introspective and enjoys spending time alone.

However you term it, for me, I accept what I am, and I will fully address myself if any character of mine is ultimately giving happiness and joy. Introverts are not always show the signs which I have usually shown or showing in my life;

  • I have shyness
  • I have hesitance in many occasions
  • I have stage fear

Sorry, my friends and relatives, you many not agree with me on the above. Being said that, I feel and believe;

You may not be an introvert!

You may say, or believe, that I may not be an introvert. Lack of confidence and shyness are not necessarily introvert qualities. According to my research, most introverts tend to carefully think things through before acting, which has obvious advantages.

  • Introverts are not quite, but they avoid conflicts.
  • Introverts knows you are wrong, why you are wrong and how you are wrong
  • Introverts usually mix history and psychology while thinking
  • Introvert prefer to stay quit and calm
  • You may think introverts give up early, and you have won. (But this is what they want you to believe)

Believe me, friends, introverts are planned the end before you begin thinking.

What I usually do as an Introvert

  • Uninstalled all social chats and messengers
  • Friends circle means a group of 3 friends or lesser
  • Don’t answer a phone call, wait till it stops ringing, then send a text “can’t talk right now”.
  • I like talking to myself inside my head. I call it talking with vismithams.
  • Prefer hill stations over restaurants, malls, or any family gatherings.
  • Always wear clothes with side pocket (I prefer t-shirts and cotton trousers) so that I can put my hands inside them during awkward social situations.
  • Don’t get excited about my birthdays or any special events of my life. Prefers to spend it in my bed anyway.
  • Don’t step out of your room until I am sure the guests have finally left.
  • I can create a whole mind palace inside my mind and interact with virtual things in it as if they are real.
  • Think that there is more to meaning of life than this useless interaction all the time and almost all of them want to search that deeper meaning of life.
  • When in a group, I don’t talk too much, but I look around, pay attention, and listen
  • I like to work on my own… Sales-related job is something that is not for me, to be honest. I don’t run behind money.
  • I pay a lot of attention to details…

I am an Introvert and Feeling Good to Be the One

Being an introvert is one of the best thing that can happen to a person. Yes, I am an introvert and there was a time when I was thinking of getting rid of my introversion. Should I try to become “more social” (if I do, that won’t be the real me) or try to change my mentality of hating my introversion? Then why I have given time for thinking and building myself all these years. Why I followed vismithams for her power of patience, silence and introvert qualities?

No. I should not. Because the real you are, is a process of sculpting. Once you find that, be honest to it. Yes, I am an introvert and feeling good to be the one.

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  1. Felt good reading your blog. I resonate with all that you have written and it feels nice to know that there are others too, who feel exactly the same way. Esp. “What I usually do as an Introvert” ….spot on 🙂


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