I am a Victim of My Choices!!

I feel like a victim! Like life is just taking everything away from me and there’s nothing I can do about it but to accept.

In today’s world, we’re constantly being bombarded with messages telling us we need to be the hero in our own story. It feels good to be strong, but it doesn’t always feel so great when things aren’t going your way. When bad stuff happens, some people automatically think they’re helpless against the forces of bad surroundings and masses. These people have fallen victim to their own internal “victim syndrome” and I am the one.

I always tried to make myself understand, I am not powerless and there is always someone out there willing to help me if I ask or go for it. Really!!! (No.. Not with everyone)

Why I am a Victim of My Choices?

I am a Victim of My Choices. Yes, I am. You know why! Let explain my own findings and may be sometimes in your life you may also find yourself as a victim and may have victim syndrome.

  1. I’m a habitual complainer: Nothing is ever good enough for me, and I am always dissatisfied with what I have. I constantly say like, “I can’t believe”, “Why does this happen” “I can’t accept”. I’m a habitual complainer.
  2. I never play the blame game but referred to be: In a so-called modern world, when something bad happens, it’s always someone else’s fault – never yours. It’s always somebody else’s responsibility to fix your problems. This always haunted me. I was always criticized for all those bad happenings.
  3. I always feel sorry for myself: A victim mentality often goes hand-in-hand with self-pity. I always felt pity of myself and fell sorry for myself.
  4. I have a martyr complex: Martyrs believe they are always sacrificing themselves for the greater good, often to their own detriment. They might say things like, “Why does nobody ever appreciate all that I do?”.
  5. I am always the victim of someone else’s actions: It’s always be somebody did something to you or didn’t do something that they should have done.
  6. I am always the victim of circumstances: It’s not just other people’s actions that victimize me but it’s also things beyond my control, like the someone’s demise, the bad financial health, or even sometimes economy.
  7. I am always right: In my mind, there’s no such thing as objective truth, there’s only my truth, and everyone else is either wrong or unacceptable. If somebody disagrees with me, it’s because they don’t understand the situation properly or they’re just deliberately trying to upset me.
  8. I never took responsibility for my own actions: It’s always someone else’s fault if things go wrong, even if it’s something I did. For example, “I was only doing because everybody else was doing it too”.
  9. I am always the victim of other people’s negativity: In my mind, other people’s happiness or sadness is always affecting me, often negatively.

I am always becoming a victim of my own thoughts and feelings

This is the ultimate victim mentality, the belief that I’m powerless against my own thoughts and emotions.

  • If I feel sad, it’s not because of something that happened in my life in the past, it’s because I’m just a naturally sad person.
  • I’m anxious, it’s not because I am facing some sort of challenge or it’s because I am simply prone to anxiety. (A mental disorder).

Am I a Victim of My Choices?

If you can relate to most or all of the points on my above list, then it’s possible that you have a victim mentality. It’s important to understand that you are not powerless and there is always someone who can help you if you ask or go for it. Remember, the first step to overcoming any problem is admitting that you have one in the first place! And that someone who can help you is you, your own soul. Believe that you have enough power in your thoughts and emotions.

Remember to change 4 change. Be open, listen to your own heart, and be acceptable to you.

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