Freedom is free from oppression

Since childhood schooling I have been taught the word and definition of Freedom, For every single child and student all of studying with me, the meaning of freedom was 1947 Aug 15th and MK Gandhi gave this freedom to us. When we start growing, new ideas and ideologies of freedom reflected in all our minds, e,g Baghat Singh, Nehru, Ambedkar, etc.. When we become matured to live our own, we define freedom in a very different way. Many times the freedom came up with restrictions and boundaries set by others.

I have faced this everywhere, in my home, at the workplace and even in my Love. Since then, the young blood in me started fighting, arguing and even tried to pull out my freedom from my surroundings and society. Slowly when I crossed 35 I started to rethink and redefine freedom or my free life. Happy to begin my understandings of Freedom.

Understanding Freedom

First, we need to address our understanding of freedom. Freedom is not the absence of boundaries but the absence of negative consequences. When we laud the value of freedom, we are championing a lack of oppression. We’ve perverted this to mean a lack of oppression imposed on us by others. But there are many kinds of oppression.

Freedom, then, is living outside of oppression. This includes self-inflicted oppression. A self-imposed tyranny is no less than any other form. It is maybe worse.

And so, freedom is not about doing anything we want. Not in its purest form. Freedom is about peace. It is about doing anything we want without violating our peace. We can lie to ourselves about “not caring” or “not letting it bother me” or even feeling “good” about our negative action. But deep down, in the inner chambers of our soul, we know we have disrupted something within us.

Boundaries For Us

When we are children, our parents set boundaries on our behalf, The tight boundaries. As they will say; “I can’t let him out of my sight!” They tell us rules for crossing the road, set boundaries for talking to strangers, limit the distance we can go away from them. This isn’t because they are oppressors. They are protectors. Our parents set tight boundaries so that we might live in peace, in freedom. As tots, we bounce around almost unaware of how boundaries provide for our freedom. It is something we may not grow out of. We throw tantrums when we cannot do what we want. But it is this holding back that allows us to live freely.

As teenagers, the boundaries widen. We are moving up the scale of Freedom. We are allowed a little more ability to decide for ourselves. A teenage, parent might say ‘be home by ten’. 

The adolescent is allowed a little more ownership within the boundaries. And then, as adults, the boundaries widen even further. We get to a point where it is the laws of our government and religion that serve as our boundaries. When we step outside of those boundaries, there are consequences for us. Not all of them are physical. Some are mental, emotional, or spiritual.

But it isn’t just the laws of the land that show us how to avoid the oppression of conviction. Each of us has a different standard for what might steal away our peace.

Boundaries By Us

The classic approach of adolescence is to test the boundaries. When we are teens, we press right up against the boundaries set for us. Teens are testing the world around them, to see if the consequences are real. They are testing the same within their souls. “Is this so bad?”

The mature adult sets boundaries for themselves. The key to living in the fullness of freedom is not pretending you aren’t suffering the consequences of crossing boundaries. It is in the wisdom of knowing how and where to set your boundaries.

Adults should no longer be dependent on parents or governments or religious institutions to set boundaries for them. We ought to be able to set boundaries for ourselves. What limits do I need in romantic relationships? In drinking/drug use? In religious disciplines? Food consumption? Foolish language? Etc…

Free from oppression 

Today my definition of freedom is free myself from all forms of oppression set by others and set my boundaries.

My 10 rules of freedom

  1. Think and live to explore – Keep thinking and keep my thoughts opens. Explore new ideas and knowledge. 
  2. Accept, respect and understand others – No preset conditions to accept, respect and understand all or everything surrounded in my living. 
  3. Go, live and think out of the box – I am not and should not accept and follow everything which I see and listen to. Always ready to think or listen out of that paradox. 
  4. Set and expand my boundaries – Freedom always comes with boundaries. The boundaries which won’t disturb your inner peace. Set and always expand it so that I can deepen my inner peace.
  5. Realize, accept and respect the rolling ball of my legacy – This means I realized that I didn’t start anything new, I am just continuing from what my parents have left and will transfer the same baton to my children.
  6. Look back and drive slow – While driving my life ahead, I would prefer to drive slow and steadily and moreover that I keep my rear mirror clean so that I can always look back.
  7. Go realistic, not practical – I never like to see life as practical, I always wish to see my life as realistic and influenced by many
  8. Patience and consistency – I always trying to be more n more consistent and keep patience throughout my living. 
  9. There is an end – Accept and ready for the end. 
  10. Thanking – Always thankful to my parents, all the people, and surroundings I lived and living. Thanking With Credits to, The Silent S

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