A story That Inspired Me

A Story That Inspired Me

A story That Inspired Me We listen to lots of stories since childhood and most of them helped us with morals of life and living. Even many spiritual stories purposely injected into our minds each day by our parents or grandparents. But do any of those stories inspired you to become the creator of your …

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Born Blissfully

Manuel Schinner 349153 Unsplash

Born Blissfully – I was born in Nov 1978 at a government hospital in Ottupara, Wadakkancherry being a human creature and blissfully to my parents. My beautiful childhood was with huge joint family members at Kizhakke Neetiyath Family, Kanjirassery, Mullurkara. I am blessed to being born with the backbone of two family legacies, Kizhakke Neetiyath …

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