Born Blissfully

Born Blissfully – I was born in Nov 1978 at a government hospital in Ottupara, Wadakkancherry being a human creature and blissfully to my parents. My beautiful childhood was with huge joint family members at Kizhakke Neetiyath Family, Kanjirassery, Mullurkara. I am blessed to being born with the backbone of two family legacies, Kizhakke Neetiyath of my father Narayanankutty and Valiyaveettil of my mother Rathnamala.

Born Blissfully

My both families have their prominent roles and contributions both personally and as a family, in their respective villages. The modern generation, I saw while brought up was into government service in Independent India and slightly older generation was into farming and was in social developments. Being a child, it was lucky to see both generations and inspire me to build a different life model. I was taught to be well at school education and keep scoring good marks, which made an immense change in my approach towards right education.

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Witnessing the left party’s establishment in Kerala State, entire village and villagers inspired me to work for mass benefits of co-citizens. The prominent role played by my Achan (father), who been a left ideologist throughout his life and served many without pre-set mind barriers. This put me as a different kind of human being in many life moments were my ideology need to be established. On the other side, the right ideology was also placed well at my families and taught the hardest lessons of patience and nonviolence. I am being thankful throughout my life tracks, to all those inspirers of my life from my family and villages, believed in left and right ideologies.

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I was studied at aided NSS LP School Kanjirassery till my 4th grade, after a small-time English playschool class at Solapur at the age of 4. My little school were my second home and all those 5 teachers were my first ambassadors of this beautiful world. I slowly started to understand the world of complexities through them and how they make me to walk through is still inconceivable for me. The languages and subjects taught, were slowly established in my brain syllabus. I have no words today to express my gratitude towards those teachers and classmates, thank you all.

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