A story That Inspired Me

A story That Inspired Me

We listen to lots of stories since childhood and most of them helped us with morals of life and living. Even many spiritual stories purposely injected into our minds each day by our parents or grandparents. But do any of those stories inspired you to become the creator of your growth and happiness? Maybe not!.

Let me share with you a very inspirational, simple, and age-old story which never been listen to by many of us in childhood or even not in adulthood. This story of marble and tile, inspired me each day and even while keeping my life relationships to judge and manage. Resistance and consistency, these are two major lessons I gain each time when I recall marble and tile story. Here it is; Story of the marble statue

Marble Tile And Marble Statue Story

In the middle of a beautiful city, there was a museum laid with beautiful marble tiles and with a huge marble statue as a part of the display.  Many people from all over the world visited the museum every day and admired the beautifully crafted statue. One night, the marble tiles started talking to the marble statue.

Marble Tiles: Hey statue, Don’t you think that it is just not fair that everybody from all over the world come all the way here to admire you while ignoring and stepping on me.

Marble Statue: My dear brother, marble tile, Don’t you remember we are actually from the same cave.

Marble Tile: Yes! I do, that is why I feel it is even more unfair. Both of us were born from the same cave and yet the world treats us so differently now. This is so unfair!

Marble Statue: Yes you are right my brother. But, do you still remember the day when the sculptor tried to work on you but you resisted his tools?

Marble Tiles: Yes, I despise that guy. How could he use those nasty tools on me?

Marble Statue: Well, Since you resisted his tools he couldn’t work on you. When he decided to give up on you, he started working on me instead. I knew at once that I would be something different and unique after his efforts. I bore all the painful tools he used on me and allowed him to craft me as he wanted!

Marble Tiles: But those tools were so painful.

Marble Statue: My brother, there is a price for everything in life. Since you decided to resist and gave up halfway, you can’t blame anybody who steps on you now.!

The marble tiles silently listened to his brother’s words. and started to reflect on it.

The Story Which Inspired Me

Why This story inspired me? The harder the knocks you go through in life, the more you learn and put them to use in the future! Do not be discouraged by setbacks and failures! Keep trying to be better.

I am not here to give you morals of this story, it simple to understand and you, your own to create the moral and learn from it. In my simple means, I go this from The story of the marble statue, ‘You are the creator of your happiness and growth’. Even you believe you are a rejected marble tile of your life, the time is yet to create your value.

Your Story Inspired Me

All my good lessons begin with my dream, which shaped my life and character. And all the lesson I share with my love, the silent S. This is your story inspired me, S…

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